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A Guide To Aura Color Meanings

A Guide To Aura Color Meanings

Aura Colors

A Guide To Aura Color Meanings – Auras may disclose a great deal about ourselves.

The human body emits a very low level of electricity known as an electromagnetic field – or aura. Though no scientific investigations have been conducted to confirm the reality of auras, numerous cultures and philosophies across the world have long believed in their presence.

However, different people have different ideas about what an aura is and what it may represent. Should we go exploring?

What Exactly Is An Aura?

Auras are the generally invisible fields of energy that surround the physical body of a human being, while other living objects, such as trees, flowers, or animals, can also have an energy field.

Your attitude and mental condition influence the appearance of your aura. Different colors, similar to a mood ring, are connected with certain attributes and moods. According to an aura reader, these hues and their meanings are a blend of multiple colors, with one being more prominent than the others.

It is thought that the layers of colored light that emanate from our body can reveal our current state of being, whether it is related to physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional wellness. Ancient medical systems, such as Hindu literature like the Vedas, believe that a person’s aura manifests itself in layers of color.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are the primary hues on the aura color wheel. Each of these hues correlates to one of your body’s seven major energy centers, known as chakras, yet auras are not confined to these colors. The chakras are the throat chakra, root chakra, sacral chakra, third eye chakra, crown chakra, heart chakra, and solar plexus chakra.

Aura readings allow us to examine and understand more about our auras. A person trained to perceive auras may provide a reading without the need for any specific equipment. A reading may also include photographing your aura with a camera that specializes in collecting electromagnetic fields.

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The Different Aura Layers

Each of your aura’s seven levels (also known as bodies or planes) represents something distinct.

Physical Aura Plane

The layer representing your physical wellness is the physical aura plane. It’s the layer nearest to your skin, as you might expect.

Emotional Aura Plane

Your emotions are related to the emotional aura plane. If you are now governed by your emotions, they will manifest here. Depending on your mood, the hue of your emotional plane varies. It may appear dull or smeared if you are anxious or overwhelmed.

Mental Aura Plane

Your mental aura plane, the third layer out from your body, corresponds to your sense of logic, reasoning, and thinking mind.

Astral Body Aura Plane

Your spiritual health is linked to your astral plane. It is also where you keep your ability to feel and express love.

Plane of Etheric Aura

Your psychic powers reside on the etheric aura level. When unobstructed, your etheric plane assists you in tapping into the energy of others, allowing you to connect with others “on a same wavelength.”

Plane of Celestial Aura

The heavenly plane is where your dreams and intuition reside. It is sometimes referred to as the level of enlightenment. People with a strong heavenly plane are more likely to be creative.

Plane of Causal Aura

The final layer is the causal plane. It serves to bring all the other levels together and, ultimately, works as a guide to keep you on your life path.

Color-Based Aura Meanings

Red Aura

Red represents the root chakra and is associated with our physical body as well as the physical environment around us. Those with red in their auras are powerful people who seldom deny bodily pleasures.

Red appears in the auras of bold, passionate, and unapologetic people, as well as those who have an intuitive grasp of their physiology. They are not frightened of mortality, overindulgence, sensuality, or risk, and they like realizing their aspirations on a tangible level.

Their restlessness contributes to their motivation. Because the brightness of a hue in your aura may reflect a variety of emotions, it’s worth noting that dark or murky red might suggest wrath, irritation, trauma, or tiredness.

Pink Aura

Pink has the same frequency as green, which correlates to the heart chakra and is traditionally connected with feminine energy. Pink is uncommon in auras, although it does occur. Light pink may be found in the auras of peaceful people who radiate pleasant, loving energy to everyone they meet, instilling feelings of comfort in those around them.

They are deeply sensitive people who thoroughly embrace the ideas of romantic love and are typically effective at keeping romance alive and well. Pink auras are associated with natural creatives and healers who have good intuition. Even in the direst of circumstances, a person with a pink aura may assist cure others simply by being present. They remind us to be kind to one another and to the rest of the earth.

Magenta Aura

People with pink auras are extremely rare and genuine. Magenta, a blend of red and blue, combines a strong awareness of the physical world with an enhanced capacity to think instinctively. This potent mix makes persons with magenta auras ideal for creative undertakings. They are motivated by fresh ideas and have endless energy.

While they may appear strange at times, their genuine creativity attracts favorable attention from others. These people are not the kind to follow the crowd. They like jolting people out of their habits. They are unique and positive and have a well-developed sense of humor. They are strong-willed and clever people who are rarely understood. Fortunately, they aren’t frequently concerned with the opinions of others and are content merely to do right to themselves.

Orange Aura

Orange represents the sacral chakra, associated with creativity, sexuality, and the emotional realm. People with orange auras have a hard time sitting still—they need excitement and strive to pack as much into their lives as possible. Orange is also the dynamic core for connections and exchanges, with friendship being highly valued.

A person with an orange aura prefers to flow with cheerful exchanges, whether they are related to business, love, or family. These extremely sensitive and energetic individuals have a natural capacity to be personable and friendly, making them excellent team players. Friendships form quickly for folks with orange auras. Those with a dimmed orange aura may be battling with addiction or difficulty keeping to commitments because they hunger for newness and all things pleasurable.

Yellow Aura

Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which governs intelligence, self-confidence, and personal strength. Those that have yellow in their aura have high self-esteem and are joyful people who may inspire excellence in others.

People with yellow auras have a natural capacity to inspire and assist others just by being themselves. It’s no surprise that they attract other people in the way that they do because they have a wellspring of inner delight at their heart. These luminous spirits are also adept at complicated analysis. When the yellow in our aura is deeper or denser, it may imply a proclivity for self-criticism, perfectionism, overconfidence, or an ego-ruled self.

Tan Aura

Those with a tan aura are especially rational or analytical, with a strategic, linear manner of thinking. These are meticulous, sensible individuals who never cut shortcuts; they seek to create connections gradually but steadily.

Unsurprisingly, detail-oriented people are extremely tactical, and they frequently can complete laborious or mind-numbing activities that would overwhelm others. Although they are very down-to-earth and appreciate long-term relationships, they are risk-averse and have difficulty communicating their emotions with others.

Green Aura

Green auras connect the spiritual and physical worlds and are related to the heart chakra, also known as the center of healing and human development. Those with green auras emanate unconditional love and tranquil life force energy, which everyone who enters their presence feels. They are frequently drawn to nature and animals and are adept self-healers.

These are the most balanced people on the color rainbow since they can focus on their ambitions and the others they care about. They have a strong feeling of duty to others while also being great advocates for themselves. They are dedicated, creative, and do not back down from lofty goals. However, if the green is dark or murky, it may imply jealousy or feeling like a victim.

Blue Aura

A pale turquoise blue is a hue associated with the throat chakra, which governs communication and self-expression. Someone with a real, vivid blue aura has inherent self-expression abilities and a great capacity to tell their truth in a variety of situations.

Individuals with a light blue aura have excellent inner understanding and tend to make judgments based on their feelings rather than external or factual evidence. These true blue dreamers place a high value on personal interactions and connections. Communication that is honest, transparent, and direct is essential to them. They are outstanding thinkers because of their capacity to impart information. The brighter the blue in an aura, the more tranquil and cheerful the energy of the individual.

Indigo Aura

Indigo blue is related to inner understanding and intuition and corresponds to the third eye chakra. Those with indigo in their aura have a strong intuition and can readily distinguish between truth and delusion. They are exceedingly ‘tapped in’ to other people’s energy and are particularly sensitive to it. In other words, they frequently predict events and are known to experience premonitory and/or lucid dreams.

They are very sensitive and compassionate, operating from the depths of emotion rather than rationality. They fully grasp the importance of being present in the current moment. They are natural explorers who see the world as something far larger than themselves. They help people grasp the enigmatic beauty that surrounds them by being excellent communicators. Indigo that is dark or foggy might signify self-doubt, uncertainty, or a breach of intuition.

Purple Aura

Purple or violet relates to the head chakra, associated with dreams and higher awareness. Purple vibrates with a high frequency, indicating a deep connection with the cosmos. Purple auras are incredibly active, charismatic, and possess strong personalities. They have very active brains and can easily express their projections in the physical world. Their life aim is to lead humanity into a new period of happiness and wealth.

These one-of-a-kind souls are no strangers to smart thoughts that consider the well-being of the entire planet as we know it. They have an unwavering desire to accomplish something great while still living. True visionaries are endowed with both knowledge and intuition and are capable of perceiving “the broad picture” in any given scenario. They are natural empaths who can quickly detect the vibrations of others.

White Aura

A person with an all-white aura has transcended the physical realm. Unsurprisingly, these people are extremely rare—likely that there are just a few of them on the planet.

People with white auras are devoid of personal concerns, disruptions, addictions, and health problems. Those with white in their auras and other hues are slightly more prevalent. These folks are spiritually oriented while expressing a certain openness to the cosmos at large.

They are often disinterested in worldly issues such as ambition, preferring to devote their energy to goals such as truth or purity. These searchers of cosmic enlightenment exude cheerful and non-judgmental energy. When there is white in an aura, but it appears hazy or muddy, it might represent a condition of flux or confusion.

Multi-Colored Aura

Those that have numerous colors in their aura are described as “rainbowing.” They have a rather chaotic outlook on life. While this normally indicates that several wonderful things are happening at the same time, it can be overwhelming at times.

Rainbow individuals are frequently pushed in several ways simultaneously, as opposed to those with fewer colors in their auras, and are focused on only a few major aspects of their lives. If you consider each hue in your aura to be a distinct state of awareness or a different facet of yourself, it may rapidly become overwhelming. While persons with colorful auras may achieve a lot, rainbows are the aura’s double-edged sword.

Aura Anomalies

Aside from the hue, you could notice any of the following aspects in your aura rendering. This is what they mean!

Luminous bars

If you see bars or beams of light in your image (typically white), it might mean that you have a direct connection to the cosmos, the spirit, or the divine. Those that have rays in their auras have an open crown chakra and are receptive to receiving messages or energy from other frequencies or realms.

Light spheres

When spheres of light appear in aura portraiture, they frequently indicate protective or spiritual energy that resides with the person as a guiding light. However, the color implications of orbs are fairly enigmatic. Most solitary orbs appear in images in the same location—the top left corner or above the right shoulder. Orbs, in general, do not occur above or near our bodies. Rather, they encircle us in our aura’s consciousness area.

Transparent or black

When you are tired, fatigued, or unwell, your aura’s color(s) are likely to be less vibrant, and your aura photo will seem dark. It’s critical to recognize that there is no such thing as a black aura—anything that resembles black is merely a lack of energy. Colors may look muted or translucent, indicating an energy depletion and a genuine desire to relax, recover, and revive.

There are many more aura color meaning options to list, but this rough guide provides a fundamental foundation from which to begin a more in-depth assessment of your auric energy!

Our many aura colors represent our current state of mind, purpose, and desire. The stronger and more balanced a person is, the more vivid, clear, and bright their palette is. Auras may disclose a lot about ourselves, whether our personality, character characteristics, or sentiments. After all, they talk louder than we do—all we have to do is look at them.

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