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Successful Stories

The huge range of online psychics and professionals at Medium Sources always aim to help those who find their path to us.


Following a death in the family I was able to gather great insights and help from Tarot reader and Astrologer Joanna


I cannot thanks Medium Sources enough. I spoke with Blane over several sessions and he helped to see things so much more clearly.


Losing my children following my divorce was the toughest thing I have ever been through. Medium Sources helped me along considerably.

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    The Law of Assumption vs The Law of Attraction

    The Law of Assumption vs The Law of Attraction

    People have grown aware in recent years that they may change their world according to their wants. Because no one is bound by a preset destiny, each of us has the freedom to create our own. Fortunately, ancient teachings such as the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction enable each human being to […]

    7 Christian Songs To Help You Feel Joy

    7 Christian Songs To Help You Feel Joy

    7 Christian Songs to Help You Get Over Depression and Feel Joy Depression is a significant threat to the church. Some of us are genetically predisposed to depression, while others have succumbed to it as a result of life’s trials. While medicine, counseling, and other forms of therapy might provide comfort, we must not underestimate […]

    What is Astarte in Astrology?

    What is Astarte in Astrology?

    Astarte is a little-known astrological entity. But that is about to change. She is someone you do not want to mess with as Venus’s sister, who signifies passion and possessiveness in a relationship. Instead of being frothy and sweet, Astarte can be hard and tough. Consider Venus without the filter or desire to be kind […]

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